Complete service for all client needs
Custom clearance service
Reduce risks with custom clearance by choosing proper HS codes, prepare all licenses and other formalities.
Storage facility in China for all types of goods.
Checking quality of goods, their color according to RAL and their quantity. Work in Guangzhou, Foshan, Iu, Beijing, Shanghai.
Shipping of oversized cargo from China worldwide
This is the most expensive type of carrying the cargo. It requires a lot more expertise than common shipping.
Container service
Deliver cargo by major shipping lines: MAERSK, CMA CGM, FESCO, Transcontainer in 20 and 40 feet containers.
Furniture supply. All variety of styles and designs
Huge variety of furniture for kitchen, bedroom, dinning room of different designs and colors.
Air freight from China major airports
Cargo planes from Guangzhou and Beijing to Moscow from 3.5 $/kg every week. 7-9 days, including customs clearance.
LCL cargo service
LCL (less container load) - for small quantity of cargo starting from 100 kg.
Express delivery
You can choose this option if you need a small package to be delivered fast. It can be a small spare part or paper documents.
Wholesale delivery from China
It is cost effective strategy if you buy products directly from manufacturer in China. Bypass all intermediate trading companies and get more profit.

All Services

We deliver cargo by all kinds of transport

Air Delivery

We collaborate with Air China, Aeroflot, Turkish Airlines, Air Bridge Cago. Direct flights from Guangzhou and Hong Kong worldwide.

Air Delivery

Shipping by sea

We ship cargo in 20 and 40 feet containers with 33 and 67 cubic meters of available space. Deliver cargo by all major shipping companies - Maersk, CMA-CGM, FESCO.

Sea Delivery

Truck Delivery

We deliver cargo by car. It is fast alternative to other means of transport.

Delivery by truck


Deliver cargo by train in 20 or 40 feet containers from China to Moscow crossing international border in Zabaykalsk, Russia.

Also there is an option of multimodal delivery by sea to port of Vladivostok and sending cargo by Trans Siberian railway to Moscow, which takes 25 to 30 days overall.

We do care about
every cargo we ship
Head russian office
Head china office
We collaborate with major shipping companies
Air China Aeroflot FESCO MAERSK Transcontainer Transtrek

Save money and time by using our expertise
Check out how we do our job
Furniture supply from China

Furniture supply

  • Cargo gross weight: 2576 kg.
  • Volume: 11.2 m3.
  • Delivery time: 8 days.
  • Custom clearance: 3 days. Custom fees: 2430 $.
  • Route: by sea 20' DC container from Yantian (China) to Vladivostok (Russia).
  • Specification: tables, chairs, bed for kids, wooden stairs, lamp and bra.
    All items were packed in 3-layer cardboard paper and wooden cargo crates.
  • LED screen display from China

    Led display

  • Cargo gross weight: 3545 kg.
  • Cargo volume: 15 m3.
  • Delivery time: 21 day.
  • Custom clearance: 2 days. Custom fees: 18170 $.
  • Route: by sea from Shenzhen (China) - via port of Vladivostok (Russia) - by Transiberian railway to Moscow.
  • Specification: LED display, spares, power packs.
    Cost of 1 m2 of LED display is 1250 $. To prevent any damage we use firm flight cases.
  • Water treatment plant from China

    Water treatment plant

  • Cargo gross weight: 7400 kg.
  • Cargo volume: 46.5 m3.
  • Delivery time: 27 days.
  • Custom clearance: 4 days. Custom fees 13900 $.
  • Route: by sea from Qingdao (China) - via port of Vladivostok - by rail to Abakan (Russia).
  • Specification: pure water tank, water treatment machine, labeling machine.
  • Exhaust fans from China

    Exhaust Fans

  • Cargo gross weight: 6880 kg.
  • Cargo volume: 22 m3.
  • Delivery time: 19 days.
  • Custom clearance: 6 days. Custom fees 5025 $.
  • Route: by sea from Ningbo (China) - via port of Vladivostok (Russia) - to Irkutsk by truck.
  • Specification: electric motors, driving belts, fan plopellers, curtains, protective mesh, limit switches and spare roller bearings.
  • Kinetic LED sphere from China

    Kinetic LED sphere

  • Cargo gross weight: 3050 kg.
  • Cargo volume: 19.3 m3.
  • Delivery time: 4 days.
  • Custom clearance: 1 day. Custom fees 53500 $.
  • Route: direct flight from Shenzhen (China) - to Moscow Sheremetevo Int. Airport.
  • As per client's order cargo has to be delivered in few days from China to St. Peterburg for installation by chinese engineers. In collaboration with air carrier "Air Bridge Cargo" and "China Southern Airlines" order has been completed in time.
    You can use our office in Guangzhou for business meetings with your China partners. There is airport pickup service as well as hotel booking.

    Guangzhou is the trading center of south China. Huge manufacturing districts such as Foshan and Shenzhen located nearby. Foshan is well known for its furniture market. And Shenzhen is the world leading center of modern electronics.

    Also you can visit trading fairs and communicate directly with manufacturers.

    Office address: Rm 2120-2121, 3rd building, Jieshun road 9, Panyu, Guangzhou, China.

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